Are you ready to unlock the power of podcasting and turn your voice and passion into an impactful way to reach people around the world? Look no further than this podcasting mastermind with host Jenilee Samuel of the Java with Jen Podcast. In only two months you can have your own show up and ready to grow!

Build your podcast from dream-in-your-heart to ready-to-rank!

Learn what it takes to grow your show and get it listened to around the world!

Learn the tools and tactics to market and even monetize your program!

Learn what tech and software to use to keep costs to a minimum. Low overhead means you can go the distance!

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What's Included

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Group and one-on-one coaching with Jen & other pro podcasters

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Vital Tools

Learn the essential tools to keep your podcast growing with ease.

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A private Facebook Group for support and encouragement!

What will your experience be?

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In this exclusive program, you'll join a group of like-minded individuals who are all on the same journey as you: to start, grow, and monetize their podcasts. Led by Jenilee Samuel and other podcasting pros with years of collective experience, this mastermind will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and community you need to succeed in getting your show built and ready to grow in just two months! You'll learn what took me years...

How to name, niche and categorize your podcast.

What equipment is truly essential to have a quality show (it's not as much as you think!)

How to find guests & interview like a pro

How to record, edit and produce your show, including a trailer, intro and outro music.

All the programs you'll need to use to make this a portable venture you could manage 90% from just your smart-phone! (Laptop is still necessary though.)

wait, there's more!

Whether you're a complete beginner or have some podcasting experience, this program is designed to meet you where you're at and take you to the next level within only two months. You'll also learn...

How to promote your show on social media and what platform would be best for your audience

Productivity tools like: episode & content planners & Canva templates to keep planning & social posting simple

How to get your show onto major platforms so it can be heard around the world,

How to market and even begin to monetize your show!

And SO MUCH MORE... (no seriously, there's so much you're going to learn!)

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Registration is now open!

A payment plan option is available at checkout!

About The Coach

Hi there! I'm Jenilee Samuel and am the host and founder of Java with Jen Podcast. I'm so excited that you're interested in working with me to get your podcast dreams off the ground. I want to take you by the hand through the journey of getting YOUR voice out to the world.

I started my show because even as a married female Pastor, unfortunately there wasn't enough opportunity for me to preach and utilize the gifts inside me. After a painful many months of subscribing to some WRONG beliefs about how circumstances could stand in my way, I decided to break up with that notion and find SOME WAY to steward my gifts of communication and teaching. That's when I decided to start a podcast and have never looked back! What started as purely a platform to steward my gifts has now turned into a passion, as well as a coffee line and merch line!

The journey getting started was overwhelming if I'm honest, and it took two years for my show to come together because there was so much to learn, but it's now listened to in 75+ countries (and counting!), has been in the top 3-4% of Apple podcasts consistently, has ranked in the top 15% of shared podcasts GLOBALLY (meaning people REALLY like to share my show!), and has charted in 5 nations! Even more importantly, lives have been impacted and I have grown such a love for helping others via the medium of Podcasting.

I decided to start this Mastermind because I've had so many people ask me for help over the years, I wanted to do it in a way I could help multiple people get the thang done! And now I'm here to help YOU get your voice into the world. Are you ready? Let's work together to make your dream a reality.


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Program Details

Classes are on Sunday @ 4:00pm CST, lasting 6-8 weeks. Class begins April 30th, but doors are open for late enrollees until May 13th! (That means you'll have your own show by July!). *Mother's Day and Father's Day weekends class will be moved to the Monday after it at 7:00pm.

Eight live coaching calls via zoom, with an optional additional 30 min for questions and personalized instruction.

Four (optional) one-on-one coaching calls with Jenilee UPON REQUEST for additional support. Facebook group also offers support within your community of fellow podcasters.

Weekly zoom calls include: 1 hour live class coaching with Jenilee or guest Podcasting Pro, followed with 30 minutes optional Q&A time with Jen to ask any additional questions you may have.

Private Facebook group for video replays, worksheets & files, ongoing Q&A, Coach & peer support! This will also be the hub where announcements and instructions are kept so everything is in one place.

All the tools and resources you need without the guesswork. This includes the apps/software that I use to run my show, entire podcast planner worksheets I designed and use to keep myself organized, and canva templates to help save you time when creating artwork, social media posts, sound bytes online, and more.

Exclusive access, offers... & more!

Now you can get your Podcast off the ground in just eight weeks without trying to figure it out on your own! Together we work smarter, not harder. :)

This course is an INTRODUCTORY OFFER and will never be open at this price point again. If you're interested, join now!

In order to successfully complete this course you will need a working computer or laptop, a smartphone and a reliable wifi connection.

My Support Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that if you follow this coaching and utilize the tools provided, you'll have your podcast off the ground and ready to grow by the end of the course. If you're feeling stuck, I'll personally work with you until you're successful at launching!



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