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Get off the Style Struggle-Bus!

• Busy mom? No problem.

• Frustrated with your wardrobe? I got you.

• Recent weightloss/gain and don't know where to start? I can help.


I've helped over 9,000 people transform their style, and have simplified the process into this short workshop.


I've taken the most essential information YOU need to learn how to honor your body by dressing it RIGHT, choosing the best colors and even discovering your own unique style and put it in this easily-digestible course for you!


You're less than two hours away from understanding what you've always needed to know to look amazing & feel better in your clothes .


(And yes, all these lovely photographed women are a few clients of mine!)

My (brief) Story...

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Fashion is public. Style is personal.

In fact it's SO personal, I haven't encountered many women who haven't had a strong emotional reaction to their frustration over their wardrobe and their seeming inability to know how to dress themselves well.

They'd say things like "Shopping overwhelms me, I don't know where to start so I just don't even try." Or, "I feel so frumpy and ugly in my clothes, I just stay in stuff that's comfy and avoid reasons to dress up." And with these comments, they'd have the saddest, most betrayed look on their faces that broke my heart. It feels like a personal failure... even betrayal when we can't make sense of our clothes.

However, what I could hear BENEATH these words of frustration was a cry to FEEL beautiful. They wanted to actually LOVE their body and feel great in their clothes without feeling like it was an emotional wrestling match.

Style and dress, throughout history, are about so much more than just "not walking around naked".  It's personal because it's a reflection of our mood, our tastes, our personalities, and our competence... it sends a message to the world around us before we even speak.  How we dress also impacts our actual performance on the job or in any given environment, it affects how we see ourselves, feel about ourselves, and how we make others feel about us.

It's.  SO.  Personal.  and.  POWERFUL.

Given this reality, it's NO WONDER women hurt so much over their inability to dress well.  And I've been there.  I've been that woman.

I grew up unable to look at fashion magazines for guidance, living on second-hand clothes (AKA wearing someone ELSE'S preferred styles), and being subconsciously convinced that enjoying fashion or clothes was to be materialistically vain.  It can be, of course, but at its core, it's not.

Having my four kids back to back changed my body so much that it took me on the journey of learning how to love my body through its changes, and still dress like someone who deserves to be treated with respect.  I learned these principles from the ground up, which is why I can relate to my clients so well.

I have been YOU.  And I can help you.

In seeing this frustration and defeat so many women, including myself, have experienced, I became determined to do what I could to help alleviate this pain.  To help women feel empowered to dress the body they HAVE (not the one they WISH they had) so they can begin with loving themselves well.  I wanted to help women have the simple knowledge needed to honor the way God made them.  This is why I created this course because I want to reach more women than my time can accommodate in one on one styling!

After having the privilege of styling 9,000 people from all walks of life, ages, body shapes, industries, personalities and ambitions, I began to see there were some foundational keys that served to "turn on the lights" for my clients and help them feel empowered when shopping for clothes or getting dressed.

But because none of us have the time or mental energy to spend weeks learning something new, I drilled this down to less than two hours and a helpful workbook to get you on your way...

I call it, The Fashion|Sense Course!

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Here's What You'll Discover...

-Discover WHY style matters, how it impacts us, how it helps us or holds us back, and that it's worth investing your attention into.

Hear my story and how I came to discover these principles.

Love your body by dressing it to HONOR your shape, not hide it, and all the tricks to doing that.

Love your skin by learning the colors that will enhance the complexion God gave you (and how to hack the system if you love a color that's not great on you.)

Discover your own personal style to showcase your uniqueness (and learn what pieces you'll need to prioritize in your closet to allow that flavor to come through).

Learn lesser-known tricks to building a great outfit, choosing colors, prints, textures, silhouettes, and accessories to make your outfit REALLY sing.  This is where "meh" turns into "wow!"

...And of course so much more!!

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Here's Everything You Get...

Plus a bonus!

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My "Style Mastery" workbook

Download the workbook for resources created by me, Jen, that I use to style my own clients!

($37 Value)

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The 7 Core Training Videos

Including "My Story", "The How, What & Why of Fashion", + "Finding Your Unique Style" & more! ($500 Value)

Wait... of COURSE there's more...

Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

And because you are a first-time customer, when you purchase my FASHION|SENSE course, I will also throw in these additional bonuses at no extra charge.

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My Facebook Group Membership

($325 Yearly Value)

This is not just a one month gift, this is lifetime access to my Private Facebook Group for ongoing style support! This is the place for you to upload an item for outfit suggestions, share your outfit-brags, ask questions, get resources and style times from me, and enjoy live styling sessions a couple times a month! I will also do live shopping events for you to join me every other month for in-person shopping help!

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Spring/Summer & Fall Vacation Packing Checklist (& Closet Essentials!) ($19 Value)

After styling over 9,000 people, I realized there are a handful of essentials that make a great wardrobe foundation, and also work as a vacation packing checklist! I made this for myself and realized it's a great tool for anyone! I have a Spring/Summer and Fall list.


Get the FASHION|SENSE Course for just $37 today !

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What are clients saying?

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My "Look Better, Feel Better" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely be like "where has this been all my life?!" with the breakdown of style knowledge in this course. However, if you complete the full course within two weeks of purchase, and don't feel it was worth what you paid, I'll refund your purchase fee! (Facebook Group membership will be cancelled upon refund, but you're welcome to keep the free downloads!)



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